Get in AR in just 3 steps

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AR made EASY

SolidAR has been made up to simplify the use of augmented reality

1.Select the model

Chose the model from your library

2.Place in the space

Arrange your model where it should be

3.Enjoy the VR experience

Observe your model in real dimension, analyze it or create your own layout

A solution for each field

Whatever is the Filed where you work in, SolidVR is the answer


 Upload the walls of your house or office, and put all the forniture you think to buy 


Have a look to a new layout or watch in real dimension a prototype 


Fit your surgery room before to compete him or observing a CT scan in 3D and real dimension

Imaging having your showroom everywhere with you, no matters how big are your products


Importing your spectacular animation and live the experience with a wonderful WOW effect 


Importing molecules, watch arts or watch in real dimensions the Leonardo Da Vinci’s Machines


Use it for...

Be one step forward and differentiated from your competitors

Desing Review

Anaylize before to realize a prototype. Don't waste money if you are not yet sure of your product


Visualize in real dimension the plant with all the machines inside as yet installed


Tutor product-functionality using assembly/disassembly function also in
remote-collaborating way


Astonish your clients showing your ultra-customized product

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